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Dear Reader,

Thanks for visiting my website. My name is Ashley Steel and I will do whatever it takes to pay for my college tuition. Basically I’m here because I am asking for your help! I am 19 years old and a currently attend a major University in Los Angeles. I just transfered from a Jr College and I am in need some serious financial assistance. My whole life has been financially rough. I’ve been on my own since I was quite young and have undergone many financial burdens in my life... I even just filed bankruptcy in July. The cost of living is just too high here in Los Angeles. With your help, I should be able to pay my tuition and living expenses while I’m at the University. I’m no stranger to hard work though so don’t think you’re giving something for nothing.

HERE'S THE SCOOP... I'm a girl in my teens and I currently live in Los Angeles, California. I have recently received my Associates Degree at a local Jr. College. Paying for college is extremely difficult. It's unfortunate that I am entitled to very little financial aid (if anything at all) because I work and although many students are in far better financial shape than myself, I get the harsh end of things because I can actually hold a job. Its kind of too bad I’m not a deadbeat; then the government would pay for my college =/. Financial aid will perhaps cover some small expenses but nothing compared to the price of living and the monthly payments I will have unless I can get some money in.

I do modeling, I work as an assistant to another company, and of course have been working with my website to help pay for college. I just signed a contract with Astrux Entertainment on a new video series “Who’s Next in Porn Vol. 1 ” and who knows what will happen from there. You may have already seen me all over the place. Ashley Steel is the next big thing in adult entertainment. I do whatever I can on the side to make extra cash and of course that’s where this website comes in.

My parents are separated and have been since I was two. My dad drives a truck and my mom has been unemployed most of her life and on welfare; as you can imagine, I am unable to seek assistance from my family. In fact I will be the first in my family to receive a Bachelor’s Degree and actually believe I was the only one thus far to have an Associates Degree. I have been on my own since I was 15 years old and times have been tough.

I WANT TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE! You see, for me I want to make a difference in peoples lives. I am majoring in psychology and am in pursuit of my PhD. I want to be a doctor and conduct research and studies that will help further our knowledge about the human mind and psyche. I might be the one to save your life someday, or your brothers life, or your kids life, or...well you get the picture... and I would be more than happy to do it. You help me, and one day, I may just help you... I am working my butt off, studying hard in school, getting good grades. I believe that this world is full of generous people and if someone needs help, then they should ask for it and, well, I need your help!

PLEASE... Help me pay my tuition. I have been told I am nice, sexy, smart, caring, and by many “the most amazing person (they) have met”. I’’ve been thanked by many people already saying that I have changed their lives for the better. I am the girl next door that always makes you smile and the friend you can call at 3 am bawling and know I will show up and be there for you. You can count on me and I’m hoping I can count on you =)

WHAT'S IN IT FOR YOU? Hrm, well all I can say about this is that studies show that, as Wayne Dyer would say -- On the subject of the effects of “thoughts of kindness”, he referred to a study where ‘‘‘serotonin’’’ (an important “feel-good” hormone that creates a feeling of well-being in us) levels increase and the immune system is strengthened when the RECIPIENT receives an “act of kindness”. Also the PROVIDER of the Random Act of Kindness receives the same benefit! In addition an OBSERVER of an Random Act of Kindness is also effected!! He said a Random Act of Kindness is just like getting a dose of serotonin. So, you will get a nice dose of serotonin that will make you feel good... and everyone wants to feel good. “An interesting physical phenomenon occurs when you are kind to someone”, Dyer says. “Both you and the person you are kind to end up with a good feeling, a real increased level of serotonin, the calming, feeling-good hormone. Even better, the witnesses to this act of kindness also feel good, and their serotonin levels increase as well.” “You know how good you feel when you see an act of kindness. You know how bad you feel when you listen to the news. The answer is to really change around your energy," he says. "The solution to all of that for each and every one of us is to say 'I want to feel good and I want to teach every one around me to feel good', and if enough of us learn to feel good, and that is the same thing as saying I want to feel God"?? Instead you start practicing acts of kindness and acts of love and eventually, inch by inch, the world is a better place," Dyer says. "A universal source that creates everything in this universe comes from a perspective of kindness," Dyer says.

I am also a firm believer in Karma. Make the right causes and you will get the right effects... this is your chance to make causes for fortune in your life =) besides, if you help me now, then someday someone might help you when you need it. So Please, Help me, and someday I'll be able to HELP YOU. Thank you for your compassion, support, love and for helping send me to College.

Oh yeah, and if you sign up for my members section, you get to see lots more than you see here!

Hugs and Kisses and maybe more, come inside and see =)

Ashley Steel

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