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Maslow and Self Actualization - 4/23/2006  3:48:50PM 
In my attempts to avoid studying for Statistics, Ive found myself pondering statistics hahah.. Damn it, Im a scientist and I cant even help it.

Anyway, here are my thoughts and I would love to hear what you all have to say, as usual.

Abraham Maslow you guys familiar with him? Just in case I will give you a brief brief synopsis. Maslow is one of the early psychologist who came up with this theory which has become known as Maslows Hierarchy of Needs. Its basically like the food pyramid of psychology. You kind of move up in the pyramid towards self-actualization, which can be described as healthiness on all levels, from physical to emotional to spiritual.

Maslow held the idea that all mankind is innately good. His description of self-actualization kind of went like this

"...he has within him a pressure toward unity of personality, toward spontaneous expressiveness, toward full individuality and identity, toward seeing the truth rather than being blind, toward being creative, toward being good, and a lot else. That is, the human being is so constructed that he presses toward what most people would call good values, toward serenity, kindness, courage, honesty, love, unselfishness, and goodness." (Maslow, 1968, p. 155.)

Maslow felt that Peak Experiences are what lead people to be self-actualized. A peak experience is basically a sort of epiphany of sorts. It redirects our lives, giving greater purpose towards humanity as a whole. Its one of those experiences where you finally understand the universe, life, other people and the nature of your relationships.

Here is the part that I find interesting. I have been speaking lately to people about these experiences, these moments in my life when my existence becomes clear and I feel as though the universe is within me, looking out on itself through my eyes. These moments for me tend to be profound and life changing. My perception is forced to change through experience and nothing can ever be as it once was. For me, this is always followed by a glimpse of true happiness and the true nature of our connection with each other.

It is in these moments that my motivation for spiritual evolution lies; not only for myself, but for all humanity. Then, after telling people about these experiences and hoping for a deep response all I got was that deer in headlights stare. I spoke to my friends and realized that these experiences are not common and there are many people who havent had them. For the most part, these seem to be the people that are not striving for deeper happiness. People that say I am happy, without realizing that just because you are the happiest youve ever been, doesnt mean you are the happiest you can ever be.

Having experienced brief moments of total connectedness is what drives me to live a life of only that, whether possible on this plane or not, I cannot help but strive for this. It actually concerns and saddens me to realize that many people dont grow not because they dont want to, but because they dont even realize that there is more out there to become they dont realize that if they can imagine it, they can manifest it. Your only limit is your own mind, your own thoughts, your own restraints. Life was never meant to be stagnant. There is always more. There is no real end to our existence, even with death we do not die.

As sad as this makes me my real question is how do you stop it? How can you help someone understand that there is so much more life they can be experiencing? What can you do to give someone a seeking spirit? I take it this is something that can only be done by that individual. I want to help, but I dont know how.

I guess thats where me writing books and giving seminars comes in but that seems a ways off although Ive been known to be wrong. Its kinda like the rearview mirror thing I guess. I have a feeling I will be some weird psychic or some medium or something since these trippy experiences keep finding me not sure if I want that but it seems to have offered me no choice.

For more information on Maslow check out

And please share your thoughts I am always interested in hearing what you guys have to say. Its like my own little forum =P
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- 4/10/2006  1:48:10PM 
Hello hello,

I just wanted to share that I recently got in a scooter accident. I bought my scooter from in February and after getting it up and running, it died after 60 kilometers. Basically the throttle got stuck on... while I was riding it. I tried to hit the breaks but it was raining and I would have had a bad fall. I tried the kill switch which didnt work and basically I had to crash my scooter in order to get it to stop. It wasnt fun. I broke my toe =(

Anyhow, when I tried to contact the company I had numerous problems. They would not agree to pay for labor and were very unconcerned that a manufacturers malfunction almost killed me. This is a horrible company.

Sooo I finally found a great scooter repair company -- they are awesome there.. Unfortunately the owner Steven expressed to me how poorly made the bigcheif scooters are. When he opened up the engine, the carborator was basically off and the whole thing was a mess. While I was in the office another Bigcheif owner came in with problems. He had only had the scooter for 4 months.

Anyway if anyone ever has any scooter problems I recommend:

They are awesome and the owner is super knowledgable. If you need a scooter, please go to him. He will tell you what to get... and tell him Ashley Steel sent ya over. I bet he will give you a deal.

Thank God I didnt get hurt worse.


Ashley Steel
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Random Thoughts/Facts - 4/10/2006  1:46:43PM 
Did you know that a rat will actually endure more pain to get to drugs than it will to get food or water? An animal will actually chose stimulation to the pleasure center over food/water until the point of death. Pretty intense stuff; addictions are definitely a weird phenomenon. Apparently the cravings for a drug are actually the most intense at the peak of your high. Makes sense I guess, sometimes people just want to stay high forever. It makes me sad to think that some of us really believe life is that bad Im a firm believer in creating your own reality.

I had a squirrel eat out of my hand on Tuesday, and a different squirrel eat out of my hand on Wednesday. That makes for an exciting week. I love those little buggers; I think I want a pet squirrel. Will someone get me a pet squirrel?

I started school again this week these quarters go by so quickly. Its been more of a challenge than I anticipated. I prefer to over-expect when it comes to challenges, but I can take it this way too. Im settling in now.

My whole living situation has been kind of a drag. For those of you that know me personally, Im sure you know exactly whats up. For those others, I can give you the brief brief version. I saw a ghost and it moved something (on several occasions); now Im scared to be alone. I spend the night at friends houses a lot which has actually helped me find the ones that are genuinely there for me versus the ones that just say they are to see what they can get out of it. I like that aspect at least, but I need to get over this whole fear thing, or get a roommate or something. Any Japanese exchange students want to share a studio? =P -- Not sure what to do, but what I do know is I havent spent a night alone since December 16th, 2005 and that can be a little trying when you are trying to study and work, etc. I just get so anxious after what happened

Im opening a healing center with a very close friend of mine of several years (Dr. D). Were really excited about it I cant give too many details, but I can say that we are going to help a lot of people; and to me, thats all that matters. I dont really feel accomplished if Im not discovering something, or helping someone, or both. Life just isnt complete without giving back. Us Bodhisattvas eh, always looking for a way to help others. What would the world do without us =P

Did you know Im an Ordained Minister and co-founder of a metaphysical church? We actually have services now. I spoke at one recently I actually had some good messages. Im always scared of public speaking, but I did get applause after my little message. I better get over it soon since the majority of my career path involves lecturing to large audiences.

Ive been getting a shit load of mainstream offers as of late. Its interesting but I feel a very strong change coming on. Something is definitely happening in my life and its for the better. I definitely would see myself more as an actress than a porn star. Not that theres anything wrong with being a porn star but for me this is just what I like to do to pay the bills, but who knows what the future has in store for me =) Regardless, Im a student first, porn star second

Im also a Hypnotherapist.

Ive been having some boy issues lately. It seems I cant find one that I actually like. I think Im way too picky, or just know what I want. BUT its no surprise that first and foremost I need to be able to talk to you about interesting stuff or youre immediately off the list. Haha.. Some people are so hot until they open their mouths eh? I hate arrogance and argumentative people but I also hate guys that just agree with everything you say like youre some kind of God in human form. Then theres the physical aspects, like I think I am active and like to be with someone who is active and physically fit. I try not to be shallow about it, but I truly think that is something thats important to me.

I also hate emotional guyslike overly emotional. Like the guy that ran out of my house at 1 am last night because I had to take a call jealousy has to be the most destructive emotion that exists. I usually steer clear of those ones. I like positive, confident people Im pretty clean of any issues at this point in my life, and I just dont deal well with others who have them. Especially the ones that dont even know they have them.

A boyfriend would be nice though. It would be cool to actually cuddle with someone that I enjoy being around that aspect is always nice I miss that.

I actually found a guy that I really do like but for the life of me I cant get him to call me back consistently. Does that mean he doesnt like me? He still calls a couple times a week and we do end up talking for hours. That cant be a bad sign right? Who knows maybe hes the future up and coming ex-husband ;)

I think I want to learn Reiki. Is there a Master here that wants to start teaching me? Do you want to work at a Healing Center based on the ideas of helping humanity?

I went to the dentist today. My mouth hurts =(

I miss going to Jiu Jitsu. I don't go anymore because Joe Rogan apparently hates me and I was going to the classes he went to. People can be so immature sometimes. Anyone know of a good No-Gi Jiu Jitsu school?

Did you guys know Im apparently psychic. I keep getting these visions of things right before they happen. I think its getting stronger and more frequent as I get older, and as I get healthier. Crazy stuff man, let me tell you. I just want to be normal =(

I think I should get a statistics tutor this class is graded on a standard psychology department curve which = bad news. Thats what I get for having a passion for such an impacted major at the number one University in the Nation for this field good job Ashley, good job ;)

Anyone want a roommate?

I really want to get a dog I love animals.

And this concludes my random thoughts/facts for now.. just some things that have been on my mind.


Ashley Steel
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Check me out on - 4/5/2006  3:37:47PM 
Check me out on the all New tonight. Im co-hosting a show with Lacie Heart. Its the first Wednesday of every month. Be sure to tune in tonight at 6 to check out our debute.


Ashley Steel
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Blaaah LA - March 19 - 4/5/2006  3:36:19PM 
In the midst of finals here, I find myself a little depressed. Not much but definitely a little.

I'm sure part of this is moving to LA and not really knowing anyone here. I find that even though it's not far from the OC where I grew up, it lacks genuine people to a much larger degree. If you think OC is full of fakies, haha try Los Angeles. It must be the whole Hollywood influence. I mean now don't get me wrong. I love LA. I love the diversity. I love the cultural aspects and the fact that there is always something to do and always someplace to go. But I have found myself feeling rather lonely.. Not for like a boyfriend or anything like that, but for a connection with a real person. For something meaningful and more than talking about the weather or why I decided to wear this shirt today, you know. It's a great place, but I definitely find myself yearning for something real, something substantial, something beyond our conscious existence.

I went to a meeting at the SGI the other day (that's the Buddhist organization I'm a part of). And I found that there is way more of this "clique" thing here in LA. When I walked into a SGI center in Orange County, I walked out with 25 new friends. When I walked into the Friendship center here in LA, not a single person greeted me. It was rather disturbing =/

I'm really not like these people, and that makes it hard. I've been trying to surround myself with more students… its always nice to study with someone and have friends that keep you focused, but even then my University is amazingly tough, and people get so caught up.

Anyway I'm getting off topic and my brains a little fried from studying for these finals. HUGE neuroscience final tomorrow… ugh.

So yeah, the point is I really find myself longing for some real people, some real friends. There is definitely something to be said about people with depth of character... and I wish I could find some. It's pretty bad when you have a deep conversations with yourself haha, like when people respond on such a surface level that it practically sickens you… that makes me sad. Ive actually had a really huge sense of betayal from most of the friends Ive made here...

It isnt fun when you are lonely, but not alone... (as my good friends know, Ive had some interesting problems lately and cant really be alone). God I sound like I'm in a bad mood today. Haha… but I'm not. I never really am, just a little lonely, and a little stressed about these 3 huge finals this week =/

Sooo anyhoo, on that note its back to studying for me…


Ashley Steel
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