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Frequently Asked Questions

Q : Will you have sex with me?
A : No.

Q : Will you give me a blowjob??
A : No.

Q : Will you give me a handjob?
A : No.

Q : What if I pay you?
A : No... Sorry =(

Q : What if I pleasure you instead?
A : Hrmmm…………… Ummmm……………No… Tempting, but no.

Q : What if I pay you?
A : Again, tempting but no.

Q : What college do you want to go to?
A : It's a well known and prestigious University in the Southern California area, but I'm not going to reveal exactly which one. Sorry! <3

Q : If you really want to go to College, why don't you just get a job?
A : Oooh, we have a literate one in the bunch =P If you would be so kind as to read my “letter” you would quickly learn that I work fulltime. I go to school fulltime. I’m a busy little bee. Please read my letter in "About Me" to learn more =)

Q : I have an amazing job that pays XXXX$! Are you interested?
A : Please email [email protected] with the details. No boy/girl. No Escorts.

Q : Do you have a boyfriend?
A : Why, are you looking for a good time?

Q : Where do you live?
A : Southern Cali baby. The one, the only!

Q : What ethnicity are you?
A : I'm mixed, but mostly Greek and Hungarian… I’ve also got a little Native American and some Dutch of course… =) It’s those damn blue eyes.

Q : Do you like men and women?
A : I like 'em all baby! I don’t discriminate; if you’re hot, you’re hot!

Q : So are you sure I can’t get a blowjob?
A : I feel a sudden sense of déjà vu. Have we met?

Q : Somone's been using my account!
A : If you notice lots of unauthorized IPs using your account, email [email protected] immediately. If you do not notify us right away we will end up suspending the account


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