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Maslow and Self Actualization - 4/23/2006  3:48:50PM 
In my attempts to avoid studying for Statistics, Ive found myself pondering statistics hahah.. Damn it, Im a scientist and I can [MORE]

- 4/10/2006  1:48:10PM 
Hello hello,

I just wanted to share that I recently got in a scooter accident. I bought my scooter from [MORE]

Random Thoughts/Facts - 4/10/2006  1:46:43PM 
Did you know that a rat will actually endure more pain to get to drugs than it will to get food or water? An animal will actuall [MORE]

Check me out on - 4/5/2006  3:37:47PM 
Check me out on the all New tonight. Im co-hosting a show with Lacie Heart. Its the first Wednesday of every month [MORE]

Blaaah LA - March 19 - 4/5/2006  3:36:19PM 
In the midst of finals here, I find myself a little depressed. Not much but definitely a little.

I'm sure part of this is [MORE]

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